BobBuehler/flux-ts 1

A small flux implementation heavily inspired by redux

BobBuehler/megaminerai11 1

AI for MegaMinerAI 11: Reef

BobBuehler/mmai20ts 1

MegaminerAI 20 TypeScript Client

BobBuehler/pix-field 1


BobBuehler/asar 0

Simple extensive tar-like archive format with indexing

BobBuehler/associater 0

Associative Array Demo

BobBuehler/bobx 0

Reinventing MobX for my own experience

BobBuehler/DefinitelyTyped 0

The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions.

BobBuehler/immutable-js 0

Immutable Data Collections for Javascript

BobBuehler/indexed-sorter 0

Builds an index useful for repeated sorts on subsets of a dataset.