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Maxim Kuzmin AuthenticEshkinKot Russia

AuthenticEshkinKot/Taskodrome 13

Interactive scrum board for Mantis bugtracker.

cscenter/pydonts 5

Рекомендации для студентов курса Python в Computer Science Center

lazyval/mts-parom 1

The app we've build during mobile development summer school. DEFUNCT NOW

OSLL/Duckietown-Software 1

In this repository we will collect all the software, middleware, drivers, ROS modules, and so on, that would allow to run our cars.

AuthenticEshkinKot/asn1c 0

The ASN.1 Compiler

AuthenticEshkinKot/criu 0

Checkpoint/Restore tool

AuthenticEshkinKot/csc-os-fall-2016 0

OS course fall 2016

AuthenticEshkinKot/CSCAndroidTask 0

Тестовое задание для курса мобильной разработки

AuthenticEshkinKot/DGLE 0

Powerful independent cross platform engine for 2D/3D games and visualizations. Young, strong and crazy!

issue commentmantisbt-plugins/Taskodrome

No horizontal scrollbar within single projects

to correct the above, it seems to depend on the number of tickets. New Projects with 0 tickets dont have a scrollbar while projects with more than 5-6 tickets have one.


comment created time in 2 months

issue openedmantisbt-plugins/Taskodrome

No horizontal scrollbar

Get a horizontal scrollbar only when choosing "all Projects". Within single projects theres no horizontal scrollbar. Navigating with Keys left/right ist possible, but very slow. With 15 users or more no fun. Would also be nice to be able to sort the users. Maybe by activity or somethg, so that users with active tickets are displayed in first rows. By the way I always get just 6 rows, could be more on my screen ;)

I used mantis 2.24.1 and could reproduce this with actual FF and Chrome. Best Regards

created time in 2 months

issue openedmantisbt-plugins/Taskodrome

Assigning issues, changing status etc. by Drag&Drop does not work

We have MantisBT 2.18 and Taskodrome 2.1.8 and wanted to get started with Taskodrome after 2 years of occasional testing. Unfortunately, Drag&Drop does not work at all. We get the following error in the console: Uncaught TypeError: page_text.match(...) is null in function getValueByName from file Taskodrome/scripts/issue_updater.js. It seems to try to find an update token and during debugging the page we couldn't find such a token, which is normal in our case. The plugin can't handle the situation when $g_form_security_validation = OFF;, which definitely is the way to go for us, as the timeout of the form validation too often makes us lose our texts we put in, so we will definitely keep this turnded off until we have an adequate solution.

Please make the plugin handle this case. Our workaround is to comment out all occurrences of the token matching and parameters etc. in the file mentioned above.

created time in 3 months