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Alois Janíček AloisJanicek Czechia

AloisJanicek/org-roam-server-light 22

compatible org-roam-server written in python for better performance with large network graphs

AloisJanicek/.doom.d-2nd 14

My private module for Doom Emacs

AloisJanicek/.doom.d 10

my .doom.d

AloisJanicek/Awesome-WSL 0

Awesome list dedicated to Windows Subsystem for Linux

AloisJanicek/cyphejor 0

Shorten major mode names using user-defined rules

AloisJanicek/doom-emacs 0

An Emacs configuration for the stubborn martian vimmer

AloisJanicek/emacs-application-framework 0

Emacs application framework

AloisJanicek/emacs-howdoyou 0

Search and read stackoverflow and its sisters’ sites

AloisJanicek/font-patcher 0

:man_facepalming: Font line height patcher

AloisJanicek/hungry-delete 0

Enables hungry deletion in all modes.