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Adrien Becchis AdrieanKhisbe @CoorpAcademy France 👨‍💻In a nut(zsh)shell, some Software Engineer, who develops, deploys and open sources around with variable amounts of javascript, python, bash & irony 😉

AdrieanKhisbe/bundle-phobia-cli 123

📦 Cli for the node BundlePhobia Service 😱

AdrieanKhisbe/configue 34

⚙️ Configue All the Things.js 🔧

AdrieanKhisbe/cask-package-toolset.el 30

🛠 Toolsettize your emacs package! 🛠

AdrieanKhisbe/diractions 29

👨‍💻 Doing Anything, Anywhere, from Here [zsh] 🚏

AdrieanKhisbe/ 3

📝 Log by overwriting the previous output in the terminal in Python. (port of sindresorhus/log-update)

AdrieanKhisbe/emojizer 2

Less is more with emojies 😉

AdrieanKhisbe/ 1

This is not my Personal Website

AdrieanKhisbe/AdrieanKhisbe 0

This is just a personal README ;)

AdrieanKhisbe/asHuffman 0

Implémentation de l'Algorithme de compression d'Huffman, version Dynamique/Adaptative

AdrieanKhisbe/asSketch 0

projet de Client Serveur inspiré de `iSketch`, une version multijoueur de Pictionnary.

created repositoryToF-/TDDCleanCodeC

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pull request commentCoorpAcademy/components

Fix flash rendering on firefox

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PR opened CoorpAcademy/components

Fix flash rendering on firefox

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create barnchCoorpAcademy/components

branch : fix-flask-rendering-on-firefox

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issue openedCoorpAcademy/serverless-plugins

serverless-offline-ssm-provider: add default Parameter.Type to resolved offline SSM parameters

serverless@2.44.0 serverless-offline@7.0.0 serverless-offline-ssm-provider@2.1.0


  name: aws
  runtime: nodejs14.x
    API_PREFIX: ${ssm:/editor/api-prefix}
  - serverless-offline-ssm-provider
  - serverless-webpack
  - serverless-offline

.ssm file


When running serverless offline with the configuration above, I would get the following error from serverless:

Serverless Error ----------------------------------------
  Cannot resolve serverless.yml: Variables resolution errored with:
    - Cannot resolve variable at "provider.environment.API_PREFIX": Error: Unexpected parameter type: "undefined"
      at Object.resolve (/Users/iona/Work/editor-api/node_modules/serverless/lib/configuration/variables/sources/instance-dependent/get-ssm.js:131:17)
      at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:95:5)
      at async VariablesResolver.Object.defineProperties.memoizeMethods.resolveSource.d.normalizer.type.type (/Users/iona/Work/editor-api/node_modules/serverless/lib/configuration/variables/resolve.js:472:24),

I tried investigating by adding console.logs into node_modules/serverless-offline-ssm-provider/src/index.js and can see that the offline variables declared in my .ssm file are indeed being read...

// console.logs
CONFIG { file: '.ssm' }
VALUES [Function (anonymous)]
NAME /editor/api-prefix
VALUE /api/v1

and returned as...

     Parameter: {
        Value: "/api/v1",

The problem is, on serverless version 2.44.0, there now is a Parameter.Type checker that throws the error described above when it is not one of String | StringList | SecureString. Please see changes here: file: lib/configuration/variables/sources/instance-dependent/get-ssm.js line: 109

Would it be possible to set the Parameter.Type to String? Although this won't work for StringList. Or maybe we can append a suffix that describes the parameter's type, or derive the type from the value via regex?

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created repositorymattn/cloudflare-pages-example

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release jest-community/vscode-jest


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created repositoryemacsmirror/timu-spacegrey-theme

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push eventCoorpAcademy/update-node

Travis CI User

commit sha 2fc881427c9a172a86cd5a5caaf5cb1818a6aab8

Update eslint Upgraded dependencies: - eslint 7.23.0 -> 7.28.0

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push eventCoorpAcademy/update-node

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commit sha ac17c2699311eea75ce7a90f0f1eff7c86e85ba4

Update Testing dependencies Upgraded dependencies: - codecov ^3.8.1 -> 3.8.2

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push eventCoorpAcademy/update-node

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commit sha e2afcb949a5c22b4a40d95abab77e6fb59a9eac2

Update core dependencies Upgraded dependencies: - yargs ^16.2.0 -> 17.0.1

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created repositorymattn/tensorflow-inference

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release sindresorhus/trash


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release usablica/intro.js


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release sindresorhus/cp-file


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release sindresorhus/move-file


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release typicode/xv


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release gajus/eslint-plugin-jsdoc


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release mercurius-js/mercurius


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fork vdeturckheim/z3-wasm

Scripts and Javascript Glue code to use Z3 in the browser using WASM

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created repositorysenecajs/seneca-sns-transport

Seneca transport for AWS SNS

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release mcollina/tinysonic


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