Addy771/Hex-Cell-Holder 10

An OpenSCAD project to generate models of hexagonal lithium cell holders

Addy771/MIDI-to-MP3 6

A python script to play MIDI files and record/save them as WAV or MP3

Addy771/LoadTest 5

Arduino based smart battery tester

Addy771/Time-Cube 1

Single LED timekeeping device

Addy771/bldc 0

The code for SmoothieDrive ESC hardware

Addy771/Garage_Closer 0

An automated system to close your garage doors when you forget to

Addy771/PyVESC 0

PyVESC is an easy to use and robust Python implementation of the VESC - Open Source ESC communication protocol

Addy771/VESC-logger 0

A python script to log data from a VESC motor controller


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