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AR1972/astro 22

leaked MS-DOS 6.0 beta source

AR1972/Injector 18

UEFI SLIC injector alternate method

AR1972/NT3.5 11

Windows NT 3.5 source code leak

AR1972/FirmwareModule 7

UEFI SLIC injector firmware module

AR1972/InstallKeyCertificate 4

uses Win32 API to install product key and certificate

AR1972/DOS3.3 2

DOS 3.30 source code leak

AR1972/Dump 1

extracts information related to Windows 7 activation, helpful when debugging SLIC injectors

AR1972/ida-efiutils 1

Some scripts for IDA Pro to assist with reverse engineering EFI binaries

AR1972/Local-Dialup-ISP 1

Configuring a Cisco router as a local dial in ISP

push eventAR1972/Local-Dialup-ISP


commit sha f23cd32c46798e8bc1cc19c012baa1ef4ff2b9df

refine dial peer

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push time in a month

fork AR1972/easy-build-xbox

This will allow users to build Xbox OG source code easily, and hopefully allow various parts of the Build to be modified

fork in 2 months

fork AR1972/xboxonehdd

Xbox One HDD Creation Tools

fork in 2 months