zuk/jquery.inview 271

Remy Sharp's jQuery plugin adds a bindable 'inview' event for detecting when an element is scrolled into view.

zuk/DrowsyDromedary 92

REST interface for MongoDB written in Ruby

gunark/jasperserver-client 28

Ruby client for JasperServer (via SOAP).

zuk/confluence4r 22

Rails plugin providing a Ruby API for interacting with a Confluence wiki system.

zuk/golem_statemachine 14

Adds finite state machine behaviour to Ruby classes. Meant as an alternative to acts_as_state_machine/AASM.

noospheer/ken 2

A Ruby API for accessing Freebase. It wraps the Metaweb Architecture to smart Ruby Objects.

zuk/aasm 2

AASM - State machines for Ruby classes

zuk/Backbone.Drowsy 2

Backbone Model for use with DrowsyDromedary (MongoDB) as a backend

zuk/camping 2

the 4k pocket full-of-gags web microframework

zuk/fala 2

Scientific/financial data visualization through Flex/Flash.