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Craig Smith zombieCraig Theia Labs Seattle, WA

zombieCraig/ICSim 379

Instrument Cluster Simulator

zombieCraig/uds-server 161

CAN UDS Simulator and Fuzzer

zombieCraig/c0f 68

CAN of Fingers (c0f) creates passive fingerprints of Make and Model over CAN bus

zombieCraig/CarHackerBookCode 50

A small repository of code and snippets for the Car Hacker's Manual

zombieCraig/caringcaribou 12

A friendly car security exploration tool

zombieCraig/SigExplorer 7

CAN Bus Signal Explorer

zombieCraig/AndroVariant 6

Research tool to test characteristics of malware and determine close variants

zombieCraig/stk-code 6

Modified SuperTuxKart to support sending CANBus messages

zombieCraig/drinkshield 3

Automatically exported from

zombieCraig/blender_mocap 2

Hacked up version of the mocap addon for blender 2.7x (ported to 2.9x)

issue commentzombieCraig/ICSim

i have problem

You need to run Or look at the contents of that file to see how to setup a vcan interface


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