zohararad/audio5js 636

The HTML5 Audio Compatibility Layer

zohararad/bee-gorm-graphql 160

Example application with Beego + Gorm + graphql-go in the backend & Vue.js in the frontend

zohararad/jader 66

Client and Server side Jade template compiler for Rails

zohararad/bootstrap-sass-rails-rtl 14

HTML, CSS, and JS toolkit from Twitter – Sassified for the Rails asset pipeline

zohararad/handlebarer 14

Share Handlebars templates between client and server in your Rails application

OpenAcademy/HTML5-open-academy 7

HTML5: Open Academy

RonnyO/Talk.js 7

A js-only framework for group communication

ydaniv/ok-webfront 7

Frontend web server for Open Knesset.

zohararad/audio5js-bower 4

Audio5js Bower Package