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Sergei Fedorov zmij Yandex Lavka Moscow, Russia Server-side C++ software engineer. Multithreading, async multitasking and template metaprogramming.

zmij/afsm 120

C++14 Finite State Machine library

zmij/math 29

Small C++17 library for vector and matrix computations

zmij/pg_async 21

Asynchronous C++ client library for PostgreSQL, protocol v3.

zmij/metapushkin 8

Bunch of utilities for metaprogramming

zmij/runic-keyboard-macosx 6

ᚱᚢᚾ - Mac OS X Runic Keyboard Layouts

zmij/gapp 3

CPP Interface for Google Analytics Measurement Protocol

zmij/gitrc 2

Command line coloring for git repositories

zmij/RailNation 2

RailNation client library

zmij/json 1

C++17 JSON Parser Library

zmij/luapp 1

C++11 bindings for lua

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Could not find lib/meta/include

You should have metapushkin library in your include path


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