Zack Allison zallison Allison Conslting Freelance consultant.

zallison/sauron-goodies 7

Goodies for the Sauron logger for emacs

zallison/auto-restore-windows 0

automatially restore window configuration when changing into target buffers

zallison/bash-prompt-package 0

Easily customize your bash prompt

zallison/cd-bookmarks 0 - add bookmarks to cd (in bash)

zallison/cryptobalance 0

Retrieve current crypto prices to see the status of your portfolio.

zallison/emacs-libvterm 0

Emacs libvterm integration

zallison/foghorn 0

The foghorn project is a DNS proxy intended to reduce user exposure to phishing and other malicious items that can be interdicted by DNS greylisting

zallison/sauron 0

emacs event log (WIP)

zallison/vizex 0

Visualize disk space and disk usage in your UNIX\Linux terminal

zallison/yk-color 0

Elisp library for linear RGB color manipulation