Zakaria AMARIFI zakaziko99 Development Media 73 Tangier

zakaziko99/agnosterzak-ohmyzsh-theme 313

An oh-my-zsh theme based on Powerline Vim & Agnoster theme

zakaziko99/assets-bootstrap-sass-bower-gulp 4

my SASS assets for a new project using Bootstrap, Bower & Gulp

zakaziko99/zaka-files 2

the most important config files for workflow

zakaziko99/angular-heroes-tour 0

A personal Exercise through Angular 4

zakaziko99/az-js-trainings 0

my personal world training on JavaScript

zakaziko99/bootstrap-touch-carousel 0

A drop-in perfection for Twitter Bootstrap's Carousel (v3) to enable gestures on touch devices

zakaziko99/docker-exercises 0

a bunch of little test projects with Docker

zakaziko99/js-design-patterns 0

Testing and studying several JavaScript Design Patterns