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Yury Dymov yury-dymov San Francisco Principal Software Engineer

yury-dymov/json-api-normalizer 553

Normalize JSON API data for redux applications

yury-dymov/habr-app 117

React tutorial for Habrahabr

yury-dymov/react-autocomplete-input 116

Autocomplete input field for React

yury-dymov/json-api-react-redux-example 25

React Application With Redux And JSON API

yury-dymov/js-regex-pl 10

Providing \p{L} regex pattern for JavaScript RegExp

yury-dymov/phoenix-json-api-example 4

JSON API web service example

yury-dymov/InfPagedScrollView 1

ios infinite scrolling with paging. Influenced by UITableView

yury-dymov/intl-polyfill 1

Shallow Intl Polyfill for react-intl