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youroff/ecto_cursor 25

Hassle free cursor-based pagination for Ecto

youroff/monex 7

MonEx — Monadic types collection for Elixir

youroff/planet_disco 5

A student project for Data Visualization class, employing a lot of react and three.js

youroff/jsonapi_serializer 4

Alternative JSON API serializer inspired by fast_jsonapi

tileb1/global-food-statistics 2

Repository for data analysis project

ArnoutDevos/anyai 1

Web-browser 2 camera classification system. Restaurant checkout application.

youroff/crestron 1

Crestron symbols and other stuff

youroff/flow_producers 1

Queue and Poller producers for Elixir Flow

youroff/listus_back 1

Listus backend app

youroff/absinthe-socket 0

Core JavaScript support for Absinthe WS-based operations

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Ivan Youroff

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making init overridable

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Ivan Youroff

commit sha 5df0563de7bd42d78c47a83cb6f63d39b004f661

rebuilt mix.lock

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Ivan Youroff

commit sha 78a91023aa32c1027cedc5fd963b9830c08f1dab

fixes to support modern versions of flow and gen_stage

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Ivan Youroff

commit sha 0653bbc8e160fb64e055e59336504e0487630c52

channel params

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Core JavaScript support for Absinthe WS-based operations

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issue openedwebpack/webpack

Dynamic imports with query parameters

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What is the expected behavior? I'm trying to use dynamic module loading like this:

  const App = lazy(() => import('./protected?token=' + token));

  return <Suspense fallback={<div>Loading... </div>}>
    {token && <App/> || <Login/>}  

Currently the module is perfectly resolved and split when no query parameters used. Once I add query param, the build fails with: protected\:5 Uncaught Error: Cannot find module './protected?token=XXXXXXX'

What is motivation or use case for adding/changing the behavior? In my case it's some authentication for the part of the app code.

How should this be implemented in your opinion? ? and the rest could be just stripped on the module resolution and added back once the final url is formed.

Are you willing to work on this yourself? yes, with some hints

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