Yuan Li ylipacbio Pacific Biosciences 1305 O'Brien Dr, Menlo Park

Magdoll/cDNA_Cupcake 185

Miscellaneous collection of Python and R scripts for processing Iso-Seq data

Magdoll/SQANTI2 33

SQANTI2 is now replaced by SQANTI3. Please go to:

ben-lerch/IsoSeq-3.0 21

User Documentation

ylipacbio/IsoSeq3 8

IsoSeq3 - Scalable De Novo Isoform Discovery from Single-Molecule PacBio Reads

ylipacbio/blasrbinary 6

Blasr binary for Ubuntu.

ylipacbio/IsoSeq-3.0 1

User Documentation

ylipacbio/yli-tutorial 1

bioinformatics tool usages and tutorials (e.g., bash, Python, meson, parasail)

ylipacbio/bioconda-recipes 0

Conda recipes for the bioconda channel.

ylipacbio/isoseq-collapse-on-merged-bam 0

Scripts to fix an IsoSeq bug in SMRTLink 7.0 caused by chunking

ylipacbio/isoseq-demultiplex 0

Trace zmws of multiplexed isoseq sample to primers based on clustering