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davidhealey/waistline 197

Libre calorie counter app for Android. Built with Cordova.

yarons/hebdrup 2

Hebrew translation effort of Drupal CMS

yarons/ajp-verbs 0

A dynamic Jordanian Palestinian Arabic verb conjugator

yarons/AntennaPod 0

A podcast manager for Android

yarons/anyway 0

ANYWAY - Car accidents map

yarons/ 0

Given an URL to an AppImage, AppImageHub inspects the AppImage and puts it into a community-maintained catalog

yarons/AugustPenguin 0

August Penguin website

yarons/aurweb 0

AUR web interface

yarons/authpass 0

AuthPass - Password Manager based on Flutter for all platforms. Keepass 2.x (kdbx 3.x) compatible.

yarons/awesome-saml 0

List of most things SAML

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issue commentOpenPrinting/cups

Planning: Centralize CUPS localization

I heard the news about 2.5.0 and 3.0 (Phoronix snitched 😄), thank you so much for this wonderful system! We'll keep in touch.


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issue commentopenfoodfacts/openfoodfacts-androidapp

Attributes don't show up for Hebrew (RTL)

Also the downwards arrows should be aligned to the left instead of to the right.


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PR opened mate-desktop/mate-control-center

Remove redundant i18n strings

These specific functions can only cause mess when translated, it's better to keep the original terms.

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push eventyarons/mate-control-center

Yaron Shahrabani

commit sha 2f97afc46a46c44c3d0b63dae54d56ecad1a2a0e

Remove redundant i18n functions These specific functions can only cause mess when translated, it's better to keep the original terms.

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issue commentJguer/yay

local is not newer than AUR

Seems legit, thanks.


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issue openedJguer/yay

local is not newer than AUR

Affected Version

yay v10.3.1 - libalpm v13.0.1

Describe the bug

Package version appears as if the local is newer than AUR but the opposite is correct.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Run yay -Syyu with zoom preinstalled
  2. The following message appears: zoom: local (5.7.6-1) is newer than AUR (5.7.6a-1)

Expected behavior

Looking at the git it looks like the version with a is in fact newer than the one without a:

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issue openedmate-desktop/mate-control-center

Two strings that shouldn't be marked for gettext.

These two shouldn't be marked as gettext because there's no comprehensible way to transalate them to different language without completely losing the context.

I can prepare a quick patch for it.

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issue commentOpenPrinting/cups

Planning: Centralize CUPS localization

I totally understand your point, so the situation is this: Contributing to the CUPS package on Ubuntu is managed via Launchpad (Rosetta), a web translation platform. Fedora's translation (although there's no CUPS override) are managed via their own Weblate instance.

A web localization platform will ease the contribution so that translators with lots of lingual experience and less technical experience will be able to contribute upstream. BTW Canonical are encouraging the contributors to upload their changes upstream, they're not doing it automatically becuase it may lead to some conflicts but they are offering the localization files for download, that way you can merge the localization back if required but doing it automatically is just too complicated.

I've managed to set up Crowdin for this task, it's working pretty good for me but it's not open source so I'm against this solution sadly.

I have some really good connection with the Weblate management team and I'm guessing it would be a great honor for them to host the CUPS localization efforts officially, should I make the connection between the two of you?



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issue openedtranslate/translate

Add support for flutter/dart "arb" file format

It looks like google's new language/framework uses an "arb" file format in place of po files.

I am not too familiar with it, but they look like plain json files, and would like to be able to use a dedicated application to edit them. I'd be happy with a barebones implementation for now, although the file format doesn't seem too complex to support.

The specification is available over there

Here is a tutorial with the expected workflow, a possible application, and a few syntax examples. As an example, the file I attempted to translate is this one, I hope it makes for a good example of real-world usage. The german translation sits in the same folder, as well as instruction in that repository's readme.

A new mime type should probably be created as well, but that can be done independently.

The bug report on GNOME The bug report on KDE

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push eventMaagan-Michael/dud-design

Yaron Shahrabani

commit sha 31272ad494c6b9f93d6e89b3b3a5e8cd9146f248

Initial upload of web pages and resources

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create barnchMaagan-Michael/dud-design

branch : main

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created repositoryMaagan-Michael/dud-design

An alternative design to the boiler report webpage

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PR opened letsencrypt/website

Fixed language style

This message was written in a manner which is different from the rest of the translation. For some reason I can't find it in Crowdin.

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push eventyarons/website-1

Yaron Shahrabani

commit sha bb4713ffeedf012c4fc86399346dfb239a365f76

Fixed language style This message was written in a manner which is different from the rest of the translation.

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issue openedopenfoodfacts/openfoodfacts-server

Some RTL Glitches

Unicode can handle mixed LTR and RTL text up to a certain level, above that there should be some intervention in terms of modifying some "left" or "right" CSS selectors or adding some directionality characters.

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 10 48 25 (Notice the grams out of grams line, it's incomprehensible).

Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 12 25 42 (The image overlaps the list, there's some CSS selector there that need some modification).

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issue openedLeantime/leantime

[BUG] RTL needs further improvements

Describe the bug I've injected the Hebrew translation file into the Docker and I managed to see the interface in Hebrew, there are some glitches that render it unusable.

Some practical examples:

  1. The left navigation panel, although appear on the right is not collapsible.
  2. The items on the top should have their icons in the opposite direction.
  3. The whole top menu should have been mirrored
  4. The time tables appear in the opposite direction.
  5. The pen at the top of lanes in Kanban is in the opposite corner.
  6. Lane headers remain in English.
  7. The items in the navigation panel are misaligned relatively to the icons.
  8. Apparenyly some of the JS (Calendar Table) has an RTL function, I'm not sure it's used.

To Reproduce Switch to Hebrew/Add dir=rtl to the <html> or <body> tags.

Expected behavior The interface should have been completely mirrored and usable, instead some features are not working, most of the items are either misaligned or reversed.

Leantime Version 2.1.8 (Using the latest Docker)

Additional context Some tips on mirroring an interface:

Image attached. Screenshot 2021-09-05 at 09-53-39 Leantime

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pull request commentLeantime/leantime

Added Hebrew translation

Great! How do you want to meet?


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delete branch : hebrew_lang

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PR opened Leantime/leantime

Added Hebrew translation

Hey, this is the full Hebrew translation but I do have some comments:

  1. Days of the week, Months, Decimal separator, Thousands separators, currency, these are all part of CLDR, no need to translated them manually.

  2. What do you think about a localization platform? I personally love Weblate as it's completely open source and provides free hosting for open source projects.

If you think it's a good idea I'd love to assist with the migration, we will have broader translators audience and this project might see some new languages.

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create barnchyarons/leantime

branch : hebrew_lang

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fork yarons/leantime

Leantime is a lean project management system for innovators. Designed to help you manage your projects from ideation to delivery.

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pull request commentCrazy-Marvin/ToDont

Translations update from Weblate

@CrazyMarvin Thank you for the wonderful app 😘


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issue commentMaagan-Michael/shel_mi_ata

License is missing


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issue commentdavidhealey/waistline

French translation

BTW, there's still no Crowdin link in the README file?

Want to add one? :)

Sure, why not bb996a6a11e2125cbf1186ef1df6433647bfb8b8


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push eventdavidhealey/waistline

Yaron Shahrabani

commit sha bb996a6a11e2125cbf1186ef1df6433647bfb8b8

Changed the badge to the name of the platform It's more readable now :)

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push eventdavidhealey/waistline

Yaron Shahrabani

commit sha 53784282e560018dea4a749e64ec0d5fb570818b

Added Localization links and status badge Thanks @davidhealey

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