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talk is cheap, show me your code

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cli list for plugins

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xtx1130/koa-partial-content 2

koa2 middleware to quickly use http status 206

xtx1130/koa2-request-middleware 2


xtx1130/frameset 1

xtx's frameset

xtx1130/jsonschema-decorator 1

jsonschema decorator

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koa extend

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:blue_book: A guided handbook on how to use Babel and how to create plugins for Babel.

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Official Docker Image for Node.js :whale: :turtle: :rocket:


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commit sha e0d72537c65f27dbcc3b798eefcb2247ce7c7ecb

feat: add path params for middleware

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commit sha 22cd34d40110cf65305bc5ec2c9c47cc16079dd1

fix: package.json & .snyk to reduce vulnerabilities The following vulnerabilities are fixed with a Snyk patch: -

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commit sha 306d2c0fc9e4f42269dab4d03b1dbc243c8cbcfc

fix: package.json & .snyk to reduce vulnerabilities The following vulnerabilities are fixed with a Snyk patch: -

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commit sha b2a85238f5535862a45223b69ff0a4ecf25aad60

Merge pull request #3 from xtx1130/snyk-fix-a5ad7a7dff719908b34fd2d13118932f [Snyk] Fix for 1 vulnerabilities

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PR merged xtx1130/otp-proxy

[Snyk] Fix for 1 vulnerabilities

<h3>Snyk has created this PR to fix one or more vulnerable packages in the npm dependencies of this project.</h3>

Changes included in this PR

  • Changes to the following files to upgrade the vulnerable dependencies to a fixed version:

    • package.json
  • Adding or updating a Snyk policy (.snyk) file; this file is required in order to apply Snyk vulnerability patches. Find out more.

Vulnerabilities that will be fixed

With a Snyk patch:
Severity Issue Exploit Maturity
medium severity Prototype Pollution <br/> SNYK-JS-LODASH-567746 Proof of Concept

Check the changes in this PR to ensure they won't cause issues with your project.

Note: You are seeing this because you or someone else with access to this repository has authorized Snyk to open fix PRs.

For more information:

🧐 View latest project report

🛠 Adjust project settings

📚 Read more about Snyk's upgrade and patch logic

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