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José Martínez xose @Google Dublin, Ireland

empathyco/platform-aws-vpn 106

Serverless OpenVPN Certificate Authority running on AWS

xose/netty-xmpp 40

XMPP handlers for Netty

empathyco/platform-aws-credentials-monitoring 8

Using Terraform, Go, AWS Lambda and Slack to monitor the age of your AWS credentials

xose/tinder 4

Tinder XMPP library

xose/emite 2

Emite GWT XMPP library

xose/gwt-xml 2

Alternative XML DOM implementation for GWT

xose/hablar 2

Emite UI

xose/terralib 2

Java library for parsing Terraria files

xose/gamelib 1

Java library for turn-based games

xose/gameroom 1

Java XMPP component serving turn-based games

fork xose/libbluray

clone of git://

fork in 2 months