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DeDRM tools for ebooks

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LAIN's main repo

wzyboy/awesome-beancount 147

Beancount tips and tricks

laincloud/lain-demo 7

DEPRECATED. LAIN demo in 2 minutes.

wzyboy/borgbackup-playbook 5

Ansible Playbook for setting up BorgBackup

laincloud/lain-box 3

DEPRECATED. LAIN development toolchain.

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yet another

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Zhuoyun Wei

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A static site for the Jenkins automation server

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PR opened quiris11/ExtractCoverThumbs

Ignore existing covers if size < 1024

For a newly added EBOK file, Kindle tries to fetch its cover from Amazon even when the cover already exists in /system/thumbnails. The process will replace the existing cover with a ~900 bytes tiny stub image with caption "image not available" in it. Overwriting the stub file with the correct cover again and Kindle will not try to destroy it. (See also: calibre FAQ)

This PR makes the code detects if the cover file is very small, and ignores it (acts as if it does not exist and overwrites it) when so.

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Tool for recovering missing thumbnails in Cover View on Kindle e-ink devices

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Zhuoyun Wei

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Zhuoyun Wei

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Fix wildcard detection logic

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Zhuoyun Wei

commit sha f0fe3c650afbe543ca01eeafaf3564a00e73d3f7

Python 2 compat

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create barnchwzyboy/acme-tiny

branch : dns-01

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A tiny script to issue and renew TLS certs from Let's Encrypt

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