Yuchi W wych42 Beijing, China Cat Training Officer.

wych42/ansible-role-traefik 3

Ansible role to deploy traefik(v2.x) binary, systemd unit, and dynamic file provider configs.

wych42/awesome-hammerspoon 0

awesome configuration for Hammerspoon.

wych42/awesome-scalability 0

The Patterns of Scalable, Reliable, and Performant Large-Scale Systems

wych42/catbin 0

CLI Pastebin for /bin/cat by Spring (practice)

wych42/dev-setup 0

macOS development environment setup: Easy-to-understand instructions with automated setup scripts for developer tools like Vim, Sublime Text, Bash, iTerm, Python data analysis, Spark, Hadoop MapReduce, AWS, Heroku, JavaScript web development, Android development, common data stores, and dev-based OS X defaults.

wych42/developer-roadmap 0

Roadmap to becoming a web developer in 2020

wych42/docker-elk 0

The Elastic stack (ELK) powered by Docker and Compose. Mutli-Node and TLS enabled fork.

wych42/double-entry-generator 0

Rule-based double-entry bookkeeping importer (from Alipay/WeChat/Huobi to Beancount).

wych42/Enterprise-Registration-Data-of-Chinese-Mainland 0

中国大陆 31 个省份1978 年至 2019 年一千多万工商企业注册信息,包含企业名称、注册地址、统一社会信用代码、地区、注册日期、经营范围、法人代表、注册资金、企业类型等详细资料。This repository is an dataset of over 10,000,000 enterprise registration data of 31 provinces in Chinese mainland from 1978 to 2019.【工商大数据】、【企业信息】、【enterprise registration data】。


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Rule-based double-entry bookkeeping importer (from Alipay/WeChat/Huobi to Beancount).

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