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William Warriner wwarriner University of Alabama at Birmingham Birmingham, AL Data scientist and research facilitator working in the Research Computing department at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

wwarriner/casting_geometric_toolsuite 3

A suite of tools for geometric analysis of metal castings

wwarriner/dmtcp_checkpointing 1

Tutorial code for checkpointing SLURM jobs using DMTCP on Cheaha.

wwarriner/lattice_boltzmann_filling 1

Experimental code to understand lattice boltzmann method (LBM) and work into cavity filling code

wwarriner/mesh_voxelization 1

Forked from

wwarriner/casting_design_lcs 0

Casting Design Learning Classifier System (LCS)

wwarriner/casting_orientation_optimization 0

Graphical tool and high-performance computing scripts for orientation optimization of castings based on Casting Geometry Toolsuite.

wwarriner/config_snake 0

Simple JSON-based configuration files with namespace access and on-change callbacks.

wwarriner/dask_test 0

Test of Dask, Dask Image, ITK, and Scikit Image features


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fork jni/platelet-segmentation

Deep-learning-based segmentation for confocal platelet data

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created repositoryeesaanatluri/git-tuts

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fork neel-dey/GrouPy

Group Equivariant Convolutional Neural Networks

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fork jni/rootstock

Clone me to create your Manubot manuscript

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fork jni/specs

Scientific Python Ecosystem Coordination (SPEC) documents

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created repositoryGenevieveBuckley/napari-plugin-tutorial

A tutorial for learning to create plugins for the napari image viewer.

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created repositoryGenevieveBuckley/napari-big-data-training

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fork GenevieveBuckley/dask-ml

Scalable Machine Learning with Dask

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created repositoryjprorama/dell-sys-config

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created repositoryuabrc/dell-sys-config

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fork GenevieveBuckley/gsoc

NumFOCUS Google Summer of Code Materials

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