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William Yao williamyaoh Minneapolis, Minnesota Software Engineer. Formerly at @shogunenterprises, @activehours. Hacker and functional programmer. Work account. Personal stuff at

williamyaoh/named-read-macros 7

Make read macros more Lispy. Attach read macros to symbols.

williamyaoh/trivial-escapes 2

C-style escape directives for Common Lisp.

williamyaoh/colander 1

YACC for command-line options. Declaratively generate bulletproof command-line parsers.

williamyaoh/onama 1

HTML parsing primitives for Parsec.

williamyaoh/regex-tdfa 1

A new all Haskell "tagged" DFA regex engine, inspired by libtre

williamyaoh/arg_input 0

GitHub mirror for ARGF-style input handling for Rust

williamyaoh/calculator 0

Calculator SPA in PureScript/Haskell

williamyaoh/cleverdoc 0

A Common Lisp documentation and unit testing library.

williamyaoh/defrecord 0

Simpler record specification.