Jason J. W. Williams williamsjj DigiTar Inc. Boise, ID

rabbitinaction/sourcecode 334

Examples and source code from the book RabbitMQ in Action.

objcode/paisley 36

"Official" paisley branch.

williamsjj/txamqp-helpers 21

Reconnecting factories and other niceties to make working with txamqp in production civilized.

williamsjj/markdown2manning_tools 20

Convert Markdown (w/ Pandoc extensions) to Manning Publishing's DocBook. Actually includes a full manuscript management toolset.

williamsjj/shiji 15

Shiji framework for building REST web APIs. Built with ♥ and Twisted.

williamsjj/txamqp 14

Python library for communicating with AMQP peers and brokers using Twisted (git version of Launchpad repo)

rabbitinaction/ 13

RabbitMQ in Action Blog

williamsjj/platar 10

Tools for making living la vida OpenSolaris easier.

williamsjj/py-resilient_mq 5

Wraps py-amqplib to handle failure/reconnection to AMQP servers.