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Will Bailey willbailey Facebook San Francisco, CA

jashkenas/quakespotter 14

A globe swarmed by dots.

willbailey/origami_code_export_tap_to_zoom_android 14

A Simple example of using Origami code export with Android.

tobie/module-grapher 11

Node library for resolving and graphing Common JS module dependencies.

willbailey/conway 9

conway's game of life in coffeescript

willbailey/vector 5

a port of Processing's PVector to CoffeeScript/JS

willbailey/photowall 3

A live wallpaper of your FB Friends with tile flipping animation

ktheory/Haiti 2

List of NGOs in Haiti

willbailey/photopicker 2

a simple photo picker component

zenbe/flareshow 2

a ruby library for the Zenbe Shareflow API