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Choi Soohyung wholemann Microprotect & CodeSoom Seoul Pain Driven Developer

dal-lab/project-auction-sniper 3

“테스트 주도 개발로 배우는 객체 지향 설계와 실천(GOOSGBT)” 예제 실습

wholemann/daily-coding-dojo 1

daily training for problem solving

wholemann/android-architecture 0

A collection of samples to discuss and showcase different architectural tools and patterns for Android apps.

wholemann/android-video-listing-mvp 0

Android video listing with swipe view tabs based on mvp design pattern with complete functionalities like search and sort

wholemann/awesome-devblog 0

어썸데브블로그. 국내 개발 블로그 모음(only 실명으로).

wholemann/blog 0

my blog