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Johannes Weberhofer weberhofer Weberhofer GmbH Vienna, Austria

pel/pel 243

PHP Exif Library - library for reading and writing Exif headers in JPEG and TIFF files using PHP.

weberhofer/jsonrpcphp 21

JSON-RPC PHP is a couple of classes written in PHP implementing respectively client and server functionalities of the JSON-RPC protocol.

weberhofer/angular2-notifications 0

A light and easy to use notifications library for Angular 2. It features both regular page notifications (toasts) and push notifications.

weberhofer/daemontools-encore 0

A collection of tools for managing UNIX services

weberhofer/ezmlm-idx 0

ezmlm-idx Mailing List Manager

weberhofer/fulltextsearch_elasticsearch 0

🔍 Use Elasticsearch to index the content of your Nextcloud

weberhofer/maven-jaxb2-plugin 0

The most advanced JAXB2 Maven Plugin for XML Schema compilation.

weberhofer/richdocuments 0

📔 Collabora Online for Nextcloud

weberhofer/select2-bootstrap4-theme 0

Select2 v4 theme for Bootstrap4

weberhofer/simpletest 0

SimpleTest - Unit Testing for PHP

issue openedopenSUSE/obs-service-source_validator

Can not submit to factory, because source validator does not see files are referenced in spec

In Request the source validator fails with the following output:

Attention, FreeRDP-2.4.0.tar.gz is not mentioned in spec files as source or patch.
Attention, freerdp-builtin-channels-off-link-fix.diff is not mentioned in spec files as source or patch.
Attention, freerdp-rpmlintrc is not mentioned in spec files as source or patch. 

But the spec definitely contains the following lines:

Source1:        freerdp-rpmlintrc
Patch0:         freerdp-builtin-channels-off-link-fix.diff 

created time in 9 hours