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Barrett Simms wbsimms Austin, TX Barrett Simms is a prolific technology writer and presenter on advanced Agile practice management and core software development fundamentals.

DevFoundries/WordPressRestApi 12

WordPressRestApi : A PCL library to access Wordpress content through the v2 API

DevFoundries/LogicEngine 8

Logic engine is designed to run arbitrary rules or bits of logic against a given model

wbsimms/GitStats 4

Show code stats on your local git repository

wbsimms/Gadgeteer 2

Gadgeteer Programing

wbsimms/BaseMVC4EF5WebSite 1

Base MVC5 EF6 WebSite

wbsimms/DiceLimiter 1

Runs to 500 Dice Limit Rule on various technologies

wbsimms/FourOver 1

Tools to extract data from

DevFoundries/BarcodeScanner 0


DevFoundries/Harvest.Lib 0

A library to connect to and consume the Harvest API for UWP-friendly applications