Aleksei Tkach vtkalek Microsoft Ivanovo, Russia

vtkalek/gulp-powerbi-package-validator 0

This module validates the Power Bi visual package

vtkalek/postcss 0

Transforming styles with JS plugins

vtkalek/PowerBI-visuals-assorules 0

R-powered custom visual. Implements assosiation rules mining

vtkalek/PowerBI-visuals-AsterPlot 0

Repo for Power BI Aster Plot custom visual

vtkalek/PowerBI-visuals-AttributeSlicer 0

Attribute Slicer custom visual for PowerBI

vtkalek/powerbi-visuals-bulletchart 0

A bullet chart that includes four orientations and a few customization options. Use to feature a single measure against a qualitative range.

vtkalek/PowerBI-visuals-ChicletSlicer 0

Repo for Power BI Chiclet Slicer custom visual

vtkalek/powerbi-visuals-chord 0

A chord diagram is a graphical method of displaying the inter-relationships between data in a matrix.

vtkalek/PowerBI-visuals-clustering-kmeans 0

R-powered custom visual. Implements k-means clustering