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.NET is a cross-platform runtime for cloud, mobile, desktop, and IoT apps.

issue commentmicrosoft/vscode

FileSystemProvider: no way of handling permissions issues

Would be great to have this feature!


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issue openedmicrosoft/vscode

Ordering of decorations from different extenstions

I have a vs code extension that uses the decoration api to set decoration at a given range showing displaying markdown when hovering over that line. Intellisense a very popular vs code extension shows markdown when hovering over the same range as well. How can one order those markdowns? Currently, intellisense markdown is shown last. I want the markdown of my extension to be shown last instead because intellisense is more important. I don't think the api provides any way to order these markdowns from different extenstions. If that is true, how does vscode determine the order? Could we add an ordering option to the api?

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issue commentxamarin/Xamarin.Forms

Scrollview does not resize when ContentSize changes when inside a Detail page

I had this issue on v 5, after I upgrade from 4 to 5.


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push eventmicrosoft/vscode

Alex Ross

commit sha 5c9049375454383e39df824d50d28c76ba8a22b3

Fix case issue on Windows with variable resolving Fixes #121847

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issue closedmicrosoft/vscode

Environment variables no longer resolved in settings.json

Type: <b>Bug</b>

This regression occurred some time after the 2021-04-16 nightly. That's what I was running before updating to 2021-04-21, and variables resolved just fine then.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Use an environment variable in settings.json. For example:

        "": "${env:ProgramFiles}/PowerShell/7/pwsh.exe",
  2. Press <kbd>Ctrl</kbd> + <kbd>`</kbd> to open the terminal

Expected result:

The terminal opens up.

Actual result:

The following toast pops up:


VS Code version: Code - Insiders 1.56.0-insider (23a2409675bc1bde94f3532bc7c5826a6e99e4b6, 2021-04-21T05:13:42.491Z) OS version: Windows_NT x64 10.0.18363

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issue commentmicrosoft/onnxruntime

About the threads used

If OpenMP is disabled and thread_pool_size == 1, as you can see in the code, onnxruntime shouldn't create extra threads, it must run in single thread mode, unless your model has RNN kernels.

@snnn related to this, I saw that in the 1.7.0 release that:

all ONNX Runtime CPU packages are now built without OpenMP

so does this mean that you can now simply set:


and ONNX runtime will not create it's own internal threads?

We are having some serious performance degradation issues in an app that appears to be related to this, e.g. load increases non-linearly due to thread contention it seems. With very high CPI.


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pull request commentmicrosoft/onnxruntime

Fix perf issue in Conv CUDA kernel

Hope there would be a 1.7.3 release with this inside :) For now we'll test the nightly version


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issue commentxamarin/Xamarin.Forms

[Enhancement] Allow interfaces in x:DataType

Wow! I thought that this was something that was missing in Xamarin, but then it just seems to be a bug in Visual Studio for macOS.

I just downloaded your project, and it works as intended, but VS does not show the interface as an option when I autocomplete the DataType.

CleanShot 2021-04-22 at 13 49 58

As the option was not there, and I'm having a similar problem with generics, I thought that it was also a current limitation of the attribute 🤦🏻‍♂️


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pull request commentmicrosoft/TypeScript

Add Intl.locale types

Hey, are there any blockers stopping you on bringing this in, or is there something we can do to support review/merging? @orta @RyanCavanaugh


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push eventdotnet/maui

Javier Suárez Ruiz

commit sha e9263c05575fcc0f8f1f315a339541e7349ecf5e

Updated EntryStub

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issue commentmicrosoft/vscode

Move DropdownWithPrimaryActionViewItem IE ButtonDropdownSplitActionViewItem into base

Fixed in


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push eventmicrosoft/vscode

Daniel Imms

commit sha 2a6703463d90751996ac85cc03a32f2c49774da1

Update distro Part of #121918

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push eventdotnet/maui

Javier Suárez Ruiz

commit sha dc0cdb29866803acc7d25f57c30d7191a55dbd0c

Added TODO comment

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Pull request review commentdotnet/runtime

SOCKS4/4a/5 proxy support in SocketsHttpHandler

+// Licensed to the .NET Foundation under one or more agreements.+// The .NET Foundation licenses this file to you under the MIT license.++using System.Collections.Concurrent;+using System.IO;+using System.Net.Sockets;+using System.Net.Test.Common;+using System.Runtime.ExceptionServices;+using System.Text;+using System.Threading;+using System.Threading.Tasks;++namespace System.Net.Http.Functional.Tests.Socks+{+    /// <summary>+    /// Provides a test-only SOCKS4/5 proxy.+    /// </summary>+    internal class LoopbackSocksServer : IDisposable+    {+        private readonly Socket _listener;+        private readonly ManualResetEvent _serverStopped;+        private bool _disposed;++        private int _connections;+        public int Connections => _connections;++        public int Port { get; }++        private string? _username, _password;++        private LoopbackSocksServer(string? username = null, string? password = null)+        {+            if (password != null && username == null)+            {+                throw new ArgumentException("Password must be used together with username.", nameof(password));+            }++            _username = username;+            _password = password;++            _listener = new Socket(AddressFamily.InterNetwork, SocketType.Stream, ProtocolType.Tcp);+            _listener.Bind(new IPEndPoint(IPAddress.Loopback, 0));+            _listener.Listen(int.MaxValue);++            var ep = (IPEndPoint)_listener.LocalEndPoint;+            Port = ep.Port;++            _serverStopped = new ManualResetEvent(false);+        }++        private void Start()+        {+            Task.Run(async () =>+            {+                var activeTasks = new ConcurrentDictionary<Task, int>();++                try+                {+                    while (true)+                    {+                        Socket s = await _listener.AcceptAsync().ConfigureAwait(false);++                        var connectionTask = Task.Run(async () =>+                        {+                            try+                            {+                                await ProcessConnection(s).ConfigureAwait(false);+                            }+                            catch (Exception ex)+                            {+                                EventSourceTestLogging.Log.TestAncillaryError(ex);+                            }+                        });++                        activeTasks.TryAdd(connectionTask, 0);+                        _ = connectionTask.ContinueWith(t => activeTasks.TryRemove(connectionTask, out _), TaskContinuationOptions.ExecuteSynchronously);+                    }+                }+                catch (SocketException ex) when (ex.SocketErrorCode == SocketError.OperationAborted)+                {+                    // caused during Dispose() to cancel the loop. ignore.+                }+                catch (Exception ex)+                {+                    EventSourceTestLogging.Log.TestAncillaryError(ex);+                }++                try+                {+                    await Task.WhenAll(activeTasks.Keys).ConfigureAwait(false);+                }+                catch (Exception ex)+                {+                    EventSourceTestLogging.Log.TestAncillaryError(ex);+                }++                _serverStopped.Set();+            });+        }++        private async Task ProcessConnection(Socket s)+        {+            Interlocked.Increment(ref _connections);++            using (var ns = new NetworkStream(s, ownsSocket: true))+            {+                await ProcessRequest(s, ns).ConfigureAwait(false);+            }+        }++        private async Task ProcessRequest(Socket clientSocket, NetworkStream ns)+        {+            int version = await ns.ReadByteAsync().ConfigureAwait(false);++            await (version switch+            {+                4 => ProcessSocks4Request(clientSocket, ns),+                5 => ProcessSocks5Request(clientSocket, ns),+                -1 => throw new Exception("Early EOF"),+                _ => throw new Exception("Bad request version")+            }).ConfigureAwait(false);+        }++        private async Task ProcessSocks4Request(Socket clientSocket, NetworkStream ns)+        {+            byte[] buffer = new byte[7];+            await ReadToFillAsync(ns, buffer).ConfigureAwait(false);++            if (buffer[0] != 1)+                throw new Exception("Only CONNECT is supported.");++            int port = (buffer[1] << 8) + buffer[2];+            // formats ip into string to ensure we get the correct order+            string remoteHost = $"{buffer[3]}.{buffer[4]}.{buffer[5]}.{buffer[6]}";++            byte[] usernameBuffer = new byte[1024];+            int usernameBytes = 0;+            while (true)+            {+                int usernameByte = await ns.ReadByteAsync().ConfigureAwait(false);+                if (usernameByte == 0)+                    break;+                if (usernameByte == -1)+                    throw new Exception("Early EOF");+                usernameBuffer[usernameBytes++] = (byte)usernameByte;+            }++            if (remoteHost.StartsWith("0.0.0") && remoteHost != "")+            {+                byte[] hostBuffer = new byte[1024];+                int hostnameBytes = 0;++                while (true)+                {+                    int b = await ns.ReadByteAsync().ConfigureAwait(false);+                    if (b == -1)+                        throw new Exception("Early EOF");+                    if (b == 0)+                        break;++                    hostBuffer[hostnameBytes++] = (byte)b;+                }++                remoteHost = Encoding.UTF8.GetString(hostBuffer.AsSpan(0, hostnameBytes));+            }++            if (_username != null)+            {+                string username = Encoding.UTF8.GetString(usernameBuffer.AsSpan(0, usernameBytes));+                if (username != _username)+                {+                    ns.WriteByte(4);

There isn't a helper to write 1 byte asynchronously. So I'm not willing to bother with it.


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push eventmicrosoft/vscode

Daniel Imms

commit sha eaf3a5dcda417925f527a5ca1e0a8d51bffd0101

Move off deprecated resolve function Fixes #120328

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Daniel Imms

commit sha fd709cc79fac601bf51b71016a6be2a33d2f41b8

Reduce calls to getShellEnvironment

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Daniel Imms

commit sha 22d2f01347bf1dfdb842eb8684620bea6ab32a31

Fix compile

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Daniel Imms

commit sha 5a78d3377f34b19a6650d5c7d10bf15e19d86aae

Merge pull request #121918 from microsoft/tyriar/120328 Move off deprecated resolve function

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delete branch microsoft/vscode

delete branch : tyriar/120328

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PR merged microsoft/vscode

Move off deprecated resolve function

Fixes #120328

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issue closedmicrosoft/vscode

Use resolveAsync in terminal Variable Resolver

With we are trying to remove process.env from the configuration resolver service. The new way to get the environment is async and requires that the all the configuration resolver methods be async. I have started the adoption of the new async methods in, but there's one use in terminal that looks like it will require more work:

Option 1: Convert that use of resolve to use resolveAsync. Option 2: I provide a new resolveWithEnv method on the configuration resolver service that is sync, but requires you to pass in your own IProcessEnvironment.

Which option makes the most sense here?

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PR opened dotnet/maui

Implement Completed event in EntryHandler

Description of Change

Implement Completed event in EntryHandler.

Implemented in:

  • Android
  • iOS/macOS
  • Windows

PR Checklist

  • [x] Targets the correct branch
  • [ ] Tests are passing (or failures are unrelated)
  • [x] Adds the property to the appropriate interface
  • [x] Avoids any changes not essential to the handler property
  • [x] Adds the mapping to the PropertyMapper in the handler
  • [x] Adds the mapping method to the Android, iOS, and Standard aspects of the handler
  • [x] Implements the actual property updates (usually in extension methods in the Platform section of Core)
  • [x] Tags ported renderer methods with [PortHandler]
  • [x] Adds an example of the property to the sample project (MainPage)
  • [x] Adds the property to the stub class
  • [x] Implements basic property tests in DeviceTests

Does this PR touch anything that might effect accessibility?


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issue commentmicrosoft/vscode

Use If statement

(Experimental duplicate detection) Thanks for submitting this issue. Please also check if it is already covered by an existing one, like:


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issue openedmicrosoft/vscode

Use If statement

Issue Type: <b>Bug</b>

when i am using if statement and put condition which have already open and close bracket then if statement close bracket remove issue. example- if('abc'==test.getName()

in this case of typing, if statement remove close bracket at the end of statement, you can see above.

VS Code version: Code 1.55.2 (3c4e3df9e89829dce27b7b5c24508306b151f30d, 2021-04-13T09:35:57.887Z) OS version: Windows_NT x64 10.0.18363

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push eventmicrosoft/vscode

Daniel Imms

commit sha 7bd176faa1b7126ac8d92fc566b6912e54d45461

Adopt bash terminal icon

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push eventdotnet/maui

Javier Suárez Ruiz

commit sha 145e1300253b9f59d8fa9c7805953fa11501f4fe

Implement Completed on Android and iOS EntryHandlers

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issue openedAzure/azure-sdk-for-net

CreateContainerIfNotExistsAsync() method validates against container ID as well as partition key and not only container ID.

[Enter feedback here] The documentation says that CreateContainerIfNotExistsAsync() validates whether the container exists or not against only the specified container ID. This is incorrect. The method also validates the container presence with the partition key set on container.

Test: Create a container with name "testcontainer" on cosmos database with a partition key "/defaultpartitionkey" Now call the CreateContainerIfNotExistsAsync() method with container ID as "testcontainer" and paritionKey as "/partitionKey". This call will throw an exception.

Document Details

Do not edit this section. It is required for ➟ GitHub issue linking.

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push eventmicrosoft/vscode

Daniel Imms

commit sha 4ae4ca97598ccc653c48dc9e764fa3b038bae1bc

Move dropdown with primary to base Part of #121836

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issue commentxamarin/Xamarin.Forms

[Enhancement] Allow interfaces in x:DataType

When you say "interfaces can't be selected" what do you mean? I've used interfaces in x:DataType before and not had any problems (and intellisense seems to work fine).

I made a quick sample here:


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issue commentmicrosoft/vscode

Access to Git server through SSH

It would appear that the function "sanitizeRemoteName" in extensions\git\src\commands.ts needs to be altered.

return name && name.replace(/^.|/.|..|~|^|:|/$|.lock$|.lock/|\|*|\s|^\s*$|.$|[|]$/g, '-');

This needs to be altered so that @ characters also get replaced by hyphens.


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issue commentmicrosoft/vscode

Terminal's pty host process is unresponsive. Terminal crashes and Remote SSH disconnected.

This issue has been closed automatically because it needs more information and has not had recent activity. See also our issue reporting guidelines.

Happy Coding!


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