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Vlado Grancaric vladzz @ourveryown Melbourne Working for various companies. Feel free to hit me up.

vladzz/MapPointClusteringPrototypeIphone 14

This prototype shows the concept of grouping near map points on a MKMapView. Being able to click on a map point and then display a list of the clustered points.

vladzz/InstagramPhotoPicker 11

Present Image Picker like Instagram

vladzz/laptop 1

App development Mac setup (via Ansible).

vladzz/objective-c-style-guide 1

The New York Times Mobile Team’s Objective-C Style Guide

vladzz/API 0

Documentation and Samples for the Official HN API.

vladzz/balanced-employee-ip-agreement 0

GitHub's employee IP agreement, open sourced and reusable

vladzz/CarDetect 0

This code was written as part of a summer project at IITB. The code is a real time implementation of the Viola-Jones algorithm (OpenCV) for detecting cars in video streams.


started time in 2 months


started time in 3 months