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Vladimir Evdokimov vladimir-e @paintzen NYC Elixir / JS / Ruby

vladimir-e/traco 1

Translatable columns for Rails 3, stored in the model table itself.

banganga/blog 0


vladimir-e/ckeditor 0

Ckeditor integration gem for rails

vladimir-e/csv 0

CSV Decoding and Encoding for Elixir

vladimir-e/elrte-rails 0

gem for rails provides wysiwyg editor and elfinder file manager

vladimir-e/ember-cli-json-module 0

Import JSON files into your ember-cli app.

vladimir-e/ember-easyForm 0

Easily build semantic forms in Ember

vladimir-e/ember-keyboard 0

An Ember.js addon for the painless support of keyboard events

vladimir-e/ember-validations 0

Validations for Ember Objects

vladimir-e/ 0

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