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cloudflarearchive/sidh 127

Supersingular Isogeny Diffie-Hellman in Go

vkrasnov/dictator 91

A utility to make deflate dictionaries

vkrasnov/avx_qsort 30

Quick sort code using AVX2 instructions

vkrasnov/picohttpparser 18

tiny HTTP parser written in C (used in HTTP::Parser::XS et al.)

vkrasnov/vpmadd 16

Multiplication using AVX512 and AVX512IFMA instructions

vkrasnov/codesign-verify-rs 2

A small Rust crate to verify code signatures on macOS and Windows

fork vkrasnov/arccstr

Thread-safe, reference-counted null-terminated immutable Rust strings.

fork in 2 months