vivekn/sentiment 406

Sentiment analysis using machine learning techniques.

vivekn/sentiment-web 154

Web interface to sentiment analyzer.

vivekn/autocomplete 119

Tries for efficient automatic word completion in Python, C++, Ruby & Java.

vivekn/redis-simple-cache 112

Simple redis based cache for storing results of python function calls, json encoded strings or html.

vivekn/tasks 27

Parallelize network dependent tasks in python.

vivekn/resn 21

A simple library to create social networks using Redis and Python

vivekn/validators.js 21

Javascript validators based on jQuery

vivekn/rorm 15

A minimal python ORM for Redis

vivekn/redis-lru 11

A simple and lightweight LRU cache implemented using Redis data structures.

vivekn/fsrv 7

Minimalistic high performance web server in C