Andrey Bezpalenko virtustilus IP Andrey Bezpalenko Krasnodar city, Russia. PHP 2002+, Angular 2012+, Symfony 2012+, 2002+, Docker 2015+, AWS 2012+, Java 2014+, Spring 2014+, Redis 2014+, In the past: Electronics, Pascal, Delphi

virtustilus/PerfiLoader 1

Simple and fast preloader (spinner) javascript library.

virtustilus/eqMac 0

macOS System-wide Audio Equalizer 🎧

virtustilus/health-diary 0

Dairy for your activity, food and health conditions that allows you to find correlation and improve your life

virtustilus/MacLangSwitcherForVNC 0

Language switcher application for MacOS Catalina and VNC connection

virtustilus/symfony2-vagrant-box 0

This is simple vagrant box for extended symfony2 project (for example symfico).