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Victor Rodrigues victorrodrigues @ifood São Paulo - Brazil mixing some of javascript | react | node and recently kotlin to make awesome stuff @ifood

victorrodrigues/html-webpack-new-relic-plugin 8

Add NewRelic script tag using HtmlWebpackPlugin

victorrodrigues/directions_api 3

Elixir wrapper for Google Directions API

victorrodrigues/codeigniter_bootstrap_project 0

Simple CI starter kit with autoload views :)

victorrodrigues/empresas-que-usam-react-no-brasil 0

Repositório que mostra empresas que utilizam React no Brasil

victorrodrigues/flow-coverage-report 0

Generate flow coverage reports in JSON, HTML and in the console.

victorrodrigues/gitpay 0

Bounties for issues on demand. Be rewarded by learning, using Git workflow and continuous integration

victorrodrigues/hackpad 0

Hackpad is a web-based realtime wiki.

victorrodrigues/iugu-node 0

iugu - Biblioteca para Node


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PR closed victorrodrigues/html-webpack-new-relic-plugin

Add ability to change beacon URL. Adds script to the head


  • Add ability to change beacon URL.
  • Adds the newRleic script to the head according to the recommendations:
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pull request commentvictorrodrigues/html-webpack-new-relic-plugin

Add ability to change beacon URL. Adds script to the head

Closing this due to no response from @Ilya-Hubich.


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