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Vadim Geshel vgeshel @yummly San Francisco, CA

cch1/http.async.client 269

Async Http Client - Clojure

vgeshel/async-http-client 2

Asynchronous Http Client library for Java and JVM based languages.

vgeshel/aleph 1

asynchronous communication for clojure

vgeshel/appengine-clj 1

Clojure library for Google App Engine

vgeshel/appengine-magic 1

A library designed to make it easy to use Google App Engine from Clojure

vgeshel/aws-util 1

Utilities for the Cognitect Clojure AWS library

vgeshel/clojureql 1

ClojureQL is superior SQL integration for Clojure

vgeshel/cloudfront_asset_host 1

Easy deployment of your assets on CloudFront for Rails

vgeshel/acme4j 0

Java client for ACME (Let's Encrypt)