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Web SSH Client using ssh2,, term.js, and express

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HTML enhanced for web apps

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A Python IMAP client for humans

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jquery plugin that allows re-binding of the javascript events/bindings after html is injected via ajax or other

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This plugin provides functionality to perform automatic updates of the web based content in your application.

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Cordova iOS plugin exposing the full WebRTC W3C JavaScript APIs

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The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.

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Django app for handling the server headers required for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

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Web APIs for Django. ⚡️

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From the Transistor to the Web Browser, a rough outline for a 12 week course

issue commentjhillyerd/enmime

Why force ASCII for filename when the mime.FormatMediaType will encode the filename properly

Hello, sorry for the delay - had a very busy week. I've noticed that for example filename: Field one two three žplpšž (2).xls

becomes filename*=utf-8''Field%20one%20two%20three%20z%CC%8Cplps%CC%8Cz%CC%8C%20%281%29.xls

Which is what I've been looking for. E-mail clients understand this notation and filename is then displayed correctly. See:


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issue openedjhillyerd/enmime

Why force ASCII for filename when the mime.FormatMediaType will encode the filename properly

Forcing ascii should not be done here because mime.FormatMediaType will do the necessary encoding.

Unless you found some issues with mime.FormatMediaType ?

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issue closedaptana/studio3

Aptana stand-alone 3.6.0 pydev not working properly Mac 10.8.5

Performed update on Aptana 3.4.2 all works properly except pydev and this

  • pydev
    • default theme is totally messed up
    • it shows errors (variable does not exist) for built-in variables like None, list, str...
    • code completion does not work, it says Port not bound (found port -1) e.g. import os os.path => you get error Port not bound (found port -1)

I read somewhere that pydev 3.0 in general has problems with mac

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issue closedmapbox/node-sqlite3

is db.serialize() needed when executing coroutine yields in sequential fashion

for the code

yield co(function* () {
        try {
            yield doStuff();
        } catch (error) {
            throw error;

My question is, should i call .serialize() in this case, or this is ok since the yield "blocks" until the next query, so you get




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issue closedangular/material

toast - element.remove() does not return promise

Actual Behavior:

  • What is the issue? * toast throws error when hiding if rapidly executing show the problem is the one-liner that handles that return ((options.$destroy == true) ? element.remove() : $animate.leave(element)).then(...
  • What is the expected behavior? do not throw the error

CodePen (or steps to reproduce the issue): *

  • CodePen Demo which shows your issue:
  • Details:

Angular Versions: *

  • Angular Version: 1.6.1
  • Angular Material Version: 1.1.1 and 1.1.3

Additional Information:

  • Browser Type: * Chrome
  • Browser Version: * 55.0.2883.95
  • OS: * OSX
  • Stack Traces:
TypeError: (intermediate value)(intermediate value)(intermediate value).then is not a function
    at Object.onRemove (
    at u (
    at hideElement (
    at Object.transitionOutAndRemove [as remove] (
    at Object.destroy (
    at Object.destroyInterimElement [as destroy] (
    at b.$broadcast (
    at b.$destroy ( Possibly unhandled rejection: {}
(anonymous) @ VM643 console_runner-5710c30….js:1
(anonymous) @ VM1359 angular.min.js:122
(anonymous) @ VM1359 angular.min.js:94
g @ VM1359 angular.min.js:133
f @ VM1359 angular.min.js:47
(anonymous) @ VM1359 angular.min.js:50

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commit sha 2d9bc652e8287e176508602d579ea4e9acb9526f


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commit sha c3356577caf63c5e409fe4d28f48e55ac624d728

fix the issue with empty selectors

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