Viktor Erpylev velmoga DevOps at Plesk

velmoga/autoscaler 0

Autoscaling components for Kubernetes

velmoga/flight-school 0

learn to fly

velmoga/jsonnet-bundler 0

A jsonnet package manager.

velmoga/k8s-spot-rescheduler 0

Tries to move K8s Pods from on-demand to spot instances

velmoga/openebs 0

OpenEBS is containerized block storage for cloud native and other environments w/ per container (or pod) QoS SLAs, tiering and replica policies across AZs and environments, and predictable and scalable performance.

velmoga/restic-backup-docker 0

A docker container to automate backups with restic

velmoga/terraform-amazon-ecs 0

Terraform files for deploying and running Amazon ECS (+ Private Docker Registry)

velmoga/terraform-aws-elastic-beanstalk-environment 0

Terraform module to provision an AWS Elastic Beanstalk Environment

velmoga/terraform-aws-rds 0

Terraform module to provision AWS RDS instances

velmoga/ynab-csv 0

Tool for making your CSV files ready to import into YNAB

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Autoscaling components for Kubernetes

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Tries to move K8s Pods from on-demand to spot instances

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