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veered/cartan 2

A tool for scalable real-time analytics.

veered/galois 2

A simple REST service for interacting with Icinga.

veered/amqp 1

Ruby amqp gem is a widely used, feature-rich, well-maintained, fast asynchronous AMQP 0.9.1 Ruby client with batteries included. Get started in an instant:, all documentation guides are at, API reference is at — we do care about the docs!

veered/ejson_slow 1

A minimum reproduction showing performance issues related to EJSON clone during a minimongo update.

veered/em-synchrony 1

Fiber aware EventMachine clients and convenience classes

veered/euler 1

A set of Project Euler solutions. Also contains convenient mechanisms for working with Project Euler offline.

veered/logstash 1

logstash - logs/event transport, processing, management, search.

veered/accedie-repo 0

A blank Chef repository - use as a base to build your own