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vchekan/CodeQL 2

Code Query Language

vchekan/rtl-scanner-go 1

Sdr-rtl radio spectrum scanner in GO

vchekan/1090-processing 0

Visualization of ads-b radio signal

vchekan/ 0

Port of Akka actors for .NET

vchekan/boilerpipe 0

Work in progress transmit from Google Code

vchekan/coffeegrindsize 0

Detects the individual coffee grounds in a white-background picture to determine particle size distribution

vchekan/confluent-kafka-dotnet 0

Confluent's Apache Kafka .NET client

vchekan/confluent-kafka-fsharp 0

F# wrapper for confluent-kafka-dotnet project

vchekan/elasticsearch-mapper-attachments 0

Mapper Attachments Type plugin for Elasticsearch


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Vadym Chekan

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Resolver works

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Vadym Chekan

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