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varosi ChaosGroup Bulgaria Products Engineering Director @ ChaosGroup

varosi/cgraytrace 3

Simple ray-tracer made as an demonstration for CG^2 seminar (Sofia, Bulgaria)

varosi/hmatrix 1

Linear algebra and numerical computation

varosi/bifunctors 0

Haskell 98 bifunctors, bifoldables and bitraversables

varosi/blaze-builder 0

Efficient serialization of Haskell values to lazy bytestrings with a large average chunk size.

varosi/cabal-doctest 0

A Setup.hs helper for doctest running

varosi/cereal-text 0

Data.Text instances for Cereal serialization

varosi/chatter 0

A library of Natural Language Processing algorithms for Haskell.

varosi/commercialhaskell 0

A special interest group for companies and individuals interested in commercial usage of Haskell

varosi/ConstraintKinds 0

Implements common Haskell type classes using the constraint kinds pattern to allow constraints.

varosi/dimensional 0

Dimensional library variant built on Data Kinds, Closed Type Families, TypeNats (GHC 7.8+).


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