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vanhumbeecka/build-notifier 2

Build Notifier is a menubar application that gives you control over what CI information gets through

vanhumbeecka/3DTetris 0

Flash game of 3D Tetris

vanhumbeecka/awesome 0

:sunglasses: Curated list of awesome lists

vanhumbeecka/azure-redis-cache 0

Example of using Azure Redis Cache with a local C# console application

vanhumbeecka/Baseform-Epanet-Java-Library 0

A full port of the Epanet modeling library to Java, as a basis for our software platform's network analysis capabilities. This is a complete rewrite of the C language code to a portable, modern and extensible Java library that is hardware- and operating system-independent. The port is a full Epanet engine implementation, including the regular hydraulic and water quality simulation and fully integrating the MSX multi-species extension library.

vanhumbeecka/bigquery-sqlalchemy-tutorial 0

:bar_chart: :arrow_right: :floppy_disk: ETL script to migrate data from BigQuery to SQL.

vanhumbeecka/bikeshare 0

Visualizing Bike Sharing Networks with rCharts and Shiny


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