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Nathan Van Gheem vangheem Raleigh, NC Software engineer and contrarian: - Python, AsyncIO - Guillotina/Plone - Pyramid, Django, other - JS: React, Angular - Microservices, cloud orchestrators

smcmahon/Products.PloneFormGen 32

PloneFormGen add on for Plone

onna/aiofluent 4

A structured logger for Fluentd (Python)

vangheem/Bumblebee 1

deliverance-like implementation that only works on html output(no theme file)

vangheem/collective.bumblebee 1

Bumblebee integration with plone

espenmn/collective.ptg.contactsheep 0

A collective.ptg.contactsheet clone

guillotinaweb/guillotina_hydraidp 0

Guillotina-based hydra oauth identity provider and authentication

push eventonna/kafkaesk


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delete branch : allow-ssl

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Andy Leeb

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Allow ssl (#63)

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Allow ssl

The intent of this PR is to allow kafkaesk applications to be able to communicate with Kafka brokers securely using SSL/TLS as provided by Kafka.

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issue commentplone/guillotina

Status codes when authorised but without permission should be 403

That could work.

Something as simple as:

  "status_codes": {
    "not_authenticated": 401,
    "not_authorized": 403

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