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valeriomazzeo/NSString-Emoji 170

NSString (Emoji) extends the NSString class to provide custom functionality related to the Emoji emoticons.

valeriomazzeo/docker-client-swift 23

A lightweight Swift client for the Docker Remote API.

valeriomazzeo/fastlane-plugin-jira_transition 14

Apply a JIRA transition to issues mentioned in the changelog

valeriomazzeo/danger-xcodebuild 12

Exposes warnings, errors and test results.

valeriomazzeo/danger-the_coding_love 10

Danger plugin that prints markdown containing a random post from

valeriomazzeo/danger-podliblint 4

A Danger plugin for Pod lib lint.

valeriomazzeo/UIView-VMAnimations 3

Lightweight category to add animations to UIView objects.

johndoran/TOWClient 2

NSSpain hackathon

valeriomazzeo/VMCompositeDataSources 2

UITableView and UICollectionView aggregated data sources.