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twam/.dotfiles 5

My .dotfiles

twam/bmp2hex 4

Small command-line tool to convert monochrome bitmap files to a hex dump suitable for e.g. AVR microcontrollers

nooblucker/hueJS 3

A JavaScript library for Philips hue

hannorein/fargnuplot 2

Visualisation script for the FARGO code

twam/dcf77gen 2

Simple DCF77 signal generator

twam/circular_buffer 1

STL-style circular buffer container for C++

twam/16segment-charset 0

Small command-line tool to create/view/debug a 16-segment LED font

twam/Adafruit_MAX31856 0

Arduino Library for Adafruit MAX31856


Pull request review commenttwam/v4l2grab

Support for delay between captures in continuous mode

 static int frameRead(void) 	return 1; } +/**+	delay (ms)+*/+static void delay(int milliseconds) {

Any reason for introducing a custom busy-wait instead of using usleep (


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push eventtwam/homebrew-openfpga

Tobias Müller

commit sha bd545dea38993d20ec310629deff3d06a7f072c2

Update prjtrellis to 20210706

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Tobias Müller

commit sha e1cc7bf841654a18ddd775a1b10fc425f2395957

Update prjoxide to 20210728

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Tobias Müller

commit sha a6a0621a35cf34ae89ccae8cf022ac145c59fa8e

Update nextpnr to 20210826

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