tuomasjjrasanen/python-uinput 223

Pythonic API to Linux uinput module

tuomasjjrasanen/libsuinput 42

Thin userspace library on top of Linux uinput kernel module.

tuomasjjrasanen/m210 11

Device driver for Pegasus Tablet Mobile NoteTaker (M210) devices

tuomasjjrasanen/klupu 8

Scraper for meeting minutes of governing bodies of city of Jyväskylä

tuomasjjrasanen/cwiid 6

Linux Nintendo Wiimote interface

tuomasjjrasanen/asciibox 5

ASCII Box is a Python program which renders "boxes and arrows" text diagrams as image files. Currently ASCII Box can render PNG and SVG files.

tuomasjjrasanen/evdaemon 3

Monitor and modify Linux event device activity and behaviour.

tuomasjjrasanen/evdaemon-admin 3

Tools for evdaemon administration.

tuomasjjrasanen/tuiototouch 3

A bridge between TUIO protocol and the kernel