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Tsathoggua of Nkai tsathoqqua Denmark

fluffos/lima 2

Lima MUD that work with fluffos v2019

tsathoqqua/Discord.Addons.Interactive 0

add some interactivity to your commands 🙂

tsathoqqua/Discord.Net 0

An unofficial .Net wrapper for the Discord API (

tsathoqqua/lima 0

Lima MUD that work with fluffos v2019

tsathoqqua/lima-1 0

The LIMA mudlib for the FluffOS LPMUD driver

tsathoqqua/lima-2020 0

LIMA Mudlib updated to run with FluffOS driver from


started time in 3 months

issue commentfluffos/lima

Fresh install, logging in, getting errors

@thefallentree Can you close this please?


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