Glamdring/state-alerts 29

Get email alerts whenever a certain keyword is used in publications from set of state institutions - government, parliament, agencies, etc.

bgjug/website 3

The website of, written with Java EE

gochev/flame-wars-events 1

flame wars event project

tsachev/cometd 1

The CometD project, a scalable comet (server push) implementation for web messaging.

tsachev/izpack 1

IzPack Git repository (Julien Ponge - project lead branches)

Tick42/node-rdkafka 0

Node.js bindings for librdkafka

tsachev/arch-packages 0

PKGBUILDs maintained by me.

tsachev/astyanax 0

Cassandra Java Client

tsachev/cloud-native-workshop 0

win w/ Spring Boot, Spring Cloud and Cloud Foundry

PR opened spring-projects/spring-security-oauth2-boot

fix documentation urls

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fix documentation urls

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