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KWARC/rust-libxml 35

Rust wrapper for libxml2

triptec/derby-tutorial 6

Derby( tutorial (the making of

triptec/ember-hammer 1

ember-hammer is a neat interface for defining Hammer.js gestural behaviour in your Ember.js Views.

Future-Position-X/actions.serverless-with-python-requirements 0

Installs Serverless and runs a deploy using the serverless-python-requirements plugin

issue commentgraphql-rust/juniper

Efficient generation of SQL queries

Seems I'm looking for something like for rust.


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issue commentgraphql-rust/juniper

Efficient generation of SQL queries

@LegNeato have you seen anything that would take a graphql query like in the example in juniper_eager_loading

query SomeQuery {
    allUsers {
        country {

and turn it into

select from users u
join countries c on 

and I'm mainly talking about doing the join instead of using a caching solution like a dataloader or query created by eager loading ie.

select * from users
select * from countries where id in (?, ?, ?, ?)

This is something that I try to find a solution to every time I look into graphql but I can't seem to find it.


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issue openedsickcodes/Docker-OSX

External ip?

Hello! Very useful project!

I'm would like to have a external ip as in my router giving the macos guest a ip though dhcp. I've read the issues over and over again but have not been able to get a ip other than in the macos guest.

So how would I go about doing this?

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issue commentsickcodes/Docker-OSX

2560x1080 Resolution Issue

I'm trying to get 2560x1600 but I only get 1920x1080 it seems


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issue commentsickcodes/Docker-OSX

Installation stuck

@SylvanoTombo did you find a solution?


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issue commentsickcodes/Docker-OSX

Stuck at installation stage

I'm trying to install big sur and I'm stuck here: Screenshot from 2021-09-15 15-51-25


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