treyreynolds/twitter-bootstrap-theme-cakephp 11

Twitter Bootstrap Theme for CakePHP 2.x

kolodny/zan 7

test object types (similar to React.PropTypes)

treyreynolds/holdem-bot 5

Texas Hold'em Bot in Express

treyreynolds/amazon-lightning-monitor 2

Monitoring Amazon Lightning Deals for Certain Keywords for Items

treyreynolds/texas 1

Texas is a library to provide 5 to 7 card hands evaluation for Texas Hold'em on node.js. It uses the look-up table method created by users of the Two Plus Two forum.

treyreynolds/tumblr_themes 1

Custom Tumblr Themes

treyreynolds/volunteer-app 1

God's Golden Acre Volunteer Management Application

abilitie/sims-deployment 0

Amazon Web Services Dashboard

treyreynolds/advent-of-code-2018 0

Advent of Code Programming Challenges 2018

treyreynolds/brent-bot-lstm 0

An LSTM recurrent neural net implementation to spit out poetry of Brent Newsom